Sons of Tyranny

The Argosy of House Shom

After rendezvousing with the elves the group discusses their plan of attack with Kaldras. Kaldras draws them a map in the sand showing the trade road and the bend in the road where he plans to set up the ambush. He explains that along the western side of the road is a cliff that is 30 to 40 ft. higher than the top of the Argosy. Because of the cliff and the boulders strewn along the base, the Argosy will be forced to move out into the sand and dust on the other side of the road. He plans to position his warriors along the top of the cliff so that his archers can fire down into the Argosy, denying them the benefit of cover, and hopefully keeping them busy or in hiding. The PC’s job, Kaldras explains, is to use the dust kicked up by the Mekillot’s and the Argosy’s wheels as cover to approach on foot and unnoticed in order to take out the foot patrol stationed along the perimeter of the vehicle. Once that is done, the must find a way into the Argosy, through one of the side doors or through a window. Once inside they must eliminate any guards on the cargo and passenger decks. When that is done the elven archers should have cleared out the top deck. Once that is done, all they need to do is find their way to the drivers seat and force the pilots to surrender, or otherwise force the vehicle to a stop. “Once this is done, we’ll throw open the cargo doors and load up our kanks and be rich men. The slaves should also be in the cargo hold, you can do with them as you will.”

The group asks a few questions then decides that it is as good a plan as any, and so move off to the ambush site to take up positions and wait for the argosy.

When it passes by the elves begin their attack, and the group emerges from hiding to attack the guards on the western side of the argosy. Except for D’Ander who moves quickly between the two Mekillot pulling the argosy and begins scaling the behemoth vehicle. Red, Abraxus and the others press the attack on the outer guards while D’Ander manages to find an unsecured window an the second floor of the argosy. He could use it as an access point buy a guard is looking out the window, trying to see the elves above. Unnoticed by the guard he decides to grab the man by his dangling scarf and pulls him out the window, he lands on the ground and is crushed under the wheels of the argosy. D’Ander then jumps through the open window and finds himself in a small room with four more guards. One screams “Halfling!” and flees, the others decide that three men can take out a little halfling, cannibals or not.

A few moments later D’Ander emerges from the small room into the common room of the passenger deck, covered in the gore of his last three victims, hunting for the fourth. He pauses long enough to take stock of his surroundings and opens the door to the outside of the argosy.

Outside the group has little trouble with the guards, and soon notices that D’Ander has opened the door on the middle deck. Abraxus decides to jump and grab the base of the stairs and climb his way up, but the bottom stair breaks and he falls and is nearly crushed by the wheel. Red and Blu are spotted by the guards at the rear of the argosy and move to silence them.

After some effort Abraxus manages to climb aboard the argosy and meets up with D’Ander who has been waiting and they then proceed up the stairs onto the upper deck. Here they come upon three guards who were taking cover from the elven barrage inside the argosy. The first guard grabs the halfling and tries to push him out the window at the back of the short hallway, but D’Ander slips to the side and uses his own weight and the man’s momentum to send guard through the window instead. He then turn back to face the other two guards, when Abraxus is struck from behind by two more guards who had been hiding on the middle deck.

Red and Blue finish the last guard at the rear of the argosy and then join the others on the middle deck after climbing up the outer stairs. They have the guards and a sun priest on the passenger deck surrounded and quickly cut them down. When they finally make their way to the upper deck they find D’Ander using once guards corpse as a bench while snacking on another.

After a moments rest the regroup and head across the open deck and break down the doors to the pilots cabin, several guards attack but a man at the rear of the room tells the guards “stand down!, we surrender”. The PC’s are relieved and take the surrendering guards out to the open deck where they bind their hands. A quick search of the argosy reveals a few more hidden guards and some passengers who all surrender. All the prisoners are bound and led outside and into the shade by the side of the argosy.

While searching the rest of the argosy for prisoners the group notices a banner hanging at the back of the pilots room. A banner of three white dragonflies on a red-and-black, diagonally divided field. The symbol of House Shom. They instantly realize that the argosy does not belong to House Ianto, and that Kaldras probably lied to them about the ownership in order to get them to do his dirty work.

Irate the group heads outside to confront Kaldras and finds the Elves about to open the cargo doors. They tell Kaldras that the argosy doesn’t belong to Ianto. Kaldras smiles and tells them, “my scouts must have made a mistake, after all…elves tend to be unreliable. Unfortunately, the scout who identified the argosy as belonging to Ianto was killed by one of the Kank outriders we confronted earlier this morning.” He shrugs his shoulder, “such is life, but do not despair my friends, for we are all now very rich men”.

Noticing that they are outnumbered ten to one they decide not to presently take action and bide their time. The cargo doors are opened and the elves stream in and begin looting the cargo hold. The group, fearing that they may be left with nothing if they do not act quickly, join in the looting.



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