Monetary System

Bits – The lowest denomination, consisting of a variety of colored and impressed fired clay tokens.

Shekels – The base of the monetary system, shekels are always made of pure silver and feature a wide variety of markings, shapes and sizes. One shekel is equal to 10 bits, though many shekel coins are minted in higher denominations such as five, ten or twenty shekel coins. Whatever the marked denomination, the worth of a shekel can be assessed by its weight.

Talon – These coins are made of metal and are thus extremely rare and not often seen in circulation. Talons coins are minted exclusively by the sorcerer kings agents of each city state and may be made of any metal ranging from; gold, silver, iron, brass, or copper. Though these coins are made from a variety of metal their base value is almost always ten shekels, though some large denomination coins are known. As such, the size of the coin is dependent on the material and relative value of that material.

Trade bars – When merchant houses need to transport large sums of cash they prefer to day so in the form of trade bars. Trade bars are bars of metal, usually iron or copper of a weight that is equal to 5000 shekels or 50 Dragons.


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