Sons of Tyranny

Odd Jobs

Low on cash the group decides to head down to the Caravan district to look for work. They approached a mekillot trader to discuss work as caravan guards when they were cut off by a several half-giants and humans. These guys were veteran caravan guards who were resentful of the recent influx of cheap labor. They politely asked the group to take their Kank smelling butts back over to the warrens. A polite conversation followed, and ended with the lead half-giant grabbing Abraxus, throwing him on the ground and kicking sand in his face. Thunderhoof decides to be diplomatic, and head-butts the half-giant in the face. Things began to spiral out of control rather quickly, weapons being drawn and whatnot. Until a short thin human, with greasy black hair and three teeth interceded and calmed the two groups down.

Turns out that the human in the red cassock is a Draqoman. Which is some kind of middleman between merchants and others. They negotiate on behalf of the merchants for guards and find work for caravan guards. An agent of sorts. Seems the group, being a bunch of ignorant slaves violated protocol. So the guys go to the Draqoman station, pony up some coinage, and hire a Draqoman. They come back the next day and they have a job all lined up. After some fierce negotiating by Abraxus the merchant agrees to pay 7gp each. Group discovers later that they are now working for House Ianto, the guys who used to be the largest slave trading house in Tyr (which doesn’t set all that well with everyone). They (Lanto) are now looking for new lines of work to get into, and recently started a salt mine. “The salt must flow”, so the group is to head out and take care of things at the mine, then take care of the lazy overseer of the mine.

On the way out the group doesn’t run into any trouble, but does discover that they are being followed and watched by a group of elves (caravan raiders).

After reaching the salt mine they discovered that the workers aren’t working, and that the half-giant overseer is missing. Seems some silt runners have been taking a new miner to/for lunch each day, and the miners have decided not to leave the protection of their rockshelter. The overseer set off with a few guards and miners about a week ago but never came back.

Group decides to visit the salt pits and pretend to be workers and set up an ambush. Silt runners show up and the group kills them all except one. They back track the runners to a small butte, figuring their might be more, climb up and discover their lair. At the same time they have a good view of the surrounding area and can clearly see the track of a half-giant and four others leading off to an ancient ruined temple off in the distance.

Delving into the silt runner lair the group discovers a half dozen females with a dozen young. Abraxus decides that the group should enslave them. Thunderhoof reminds him that up until two weeks ago everyone in the group was a slave. Thunderhoof also mentioned having a personal problem with enslaving others and that if Abraxus kept it up he might have to kill him and leave him for the Kestrecals.

They leave after picking through the bone pile and finding 140 bits (140 cp). When we finished for the night they were standing on the edge of the butte contemplating the temple and whether they should go investigate / look for the other miners, or just say screw it and head back to Tyr.


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