Sons of Tyranny

The Vault of Darom Madar?

During the scuffle with the Wildrunners the city guard was alerted and several dozen were dispatched to the market to deal with the unrest.

The group quickly finds themselves being hemmed in by the city guard. Lucan leads the group through the narrow winding side streets and back to the safety of the Inn. Once their the group finds that Red isn’t with them. Several hours later they discover that he was captured by the city guard and is being held prisoner in the slave quarters.

Abraxus and the other make preparations to leave town the next morning.

Lucan and D’Ander wait until the middle of the night then sneak into the slave quarters. Their they find Red in a small cell by himself. In the moonlight of Athas’s twin moons they can clearly see that his left hand has been severed and all that remains is a stump. They start to pick the lock on his cell but Red tells them to go away. He is performing a mission, vital to the future of Athas. If they wish to do so they can, but they must become slaves for the rouse to work. Neither the elf or the halfling seem to keen on being slaves. Red tells them to go with the fool Abraxus then, “our paths may cross again if you are not killed on that fools errand”. With that the two silently leave the slave compound the same way they entered.

In the morning the group decides to put off their departure until after the slave auction, hoping that they may be able to buy Red’s freedom cheaply. The bidding quickly exceeds the amount they are willing to pay for Red’s freedom and so the group decides to head out and leave Red to his fate.

In the caravan area D’ander and Lucan make some inquiries about the slave trader who bought Red and the caravans destination. The slavers name is Terremon, a merchant from Tyr who is buying up all of the cheap slaves outside of Tyr. His next stop will be either Raam or Nibinay, which no one can say for sure, but it will be some time before the caravan reaches either destination with their slow moving argosies.

The group decides that they will follow Abraxus to the Black Spine mountains. Then afterwards they will head to Nibinay then Raam to follow up about the fate of Red. Perhaps then, his mission will done.

Days after leaving Altaruk the corpse of dead elf is found in an abandoned building near the elven market. The city guard is on edge for a few days but no more elves turn up dead and so the matter is soon forgotten.

The group reaches the Silver Spring oasis and spends the night in the walled compound with this small group of elves. The next morning the group moves on toward their destination in the Black Spine mountains. Travel on the trade road is mundane, they encounter a few other caravans and trade information about the road ahead, share a bit of broy then continue on their journey. Near the end of the fifth day the group veers from the path of the trade road and begins to follow a narrow animal path up into the Black Spines.

During their second day they are approached by a band of Gith, they seem open to trade but Lucan decides to attack rather than negotiating. He seems to have a great dislike for gith. The gith being greatly outnumbered are easily killed and the group finds that they have two prisoners, probably what they were wanting to try and trade to the group. The two prisoners are an elven female and a male minotaur. Both are appreciative of being freed from the gith and decide to cast in their lot with the group until they leave the mountains.

On the third day the group finds themselves standing before facade of an ancient temple carved into the side of great cliff, that they believe is the vault of Darom Madar. To reach the temple the group must first cross a great chasm spanned by a narrow foot bridge. So they decide to rest for the night before attempting to enter the temple.

Back in the Silver Springs oasis the body of an elven woman who had been missing for two days is found buried in a shallow grave. A single large wound is found on the woman, a nice thin clean wound, like those made by metal weapons. The tracks around the grave have been obscured and no other clues are to be found. The elves recall a group of travelers passing though a few days before, the day before the woman went missing, they were headed north and at least on of them carried a metal spear. The chieftain of the Silver Hand elves gathers a dozen of his best warriors and trackers to his side and then sets out to avenge the death of his granddaughter.



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