Sons of Tyranny

Political Aspirations

The character learn that in their absence that the good king of Tyr, Tithian I, has decreed that all citizens of Tyr shall have one cup of water per day free from the public wells. In addition, the noble senate has been dissolved and is to be replaced by a council of advisers elected from each district.

The group, having nothing to do currently spends a few days relaxing in their flop-house in the artisan district, while they wait for Meliot to restore the scrolls they found in the temple. Abraxus has the gold coin he found appraised at 2500 shekels and decides to sell the coin. The group eats and drinks well for the night and then returns to their flop-house. D’ander the halfling keeps watch while the rest of the group sleeps.

D’ander notices a man in a burnoose watching the building from the alleyway next to the charnal house down the street. The man watches the building for about twenty minutes then heads off down the street towards the Elven Market. D’ander slips from his observation post, climbs down to the street and follows the hooded-man into the Elven district. Despite D’anders great skills at tracking and hunting he soon looses the man and finds himself nearly lost in the Warrens. He decides to head back to the flop-house. When he returns he finds the Eladrin in the midst of a feverish nightmare.

The Eladrin’s dreams are filled with visions of battle and gore, green-skinned men fighting with vicious fury against elves, men and all manner of creatures. One green-skinned man stands out from the rest, massive with muscles like knotted rope and a keen mind, he is a great champion and wields a metal great spear that looks dimly familiar. In the vision the green-skinned champion turns toward him and roars “You are not worthy of Urrok the Brave!”.

A knock on the door awakens the group out of their slumber. Always wary they grab their weapons and make ready for combat as Geovanti throws open the door. The mid-morning sun pours in blinding them. A large man, a mul gives a them a greeting, “good day sons of Tyr!, I am Xalos the Stonecutter, and I have a proposition for you”.

Xalos enters and quickly explains that all of Tyr has heard about Tythian’s proclamations, and the formation of a council of advisers to the king. He, Xalos explains to them, is running for election and he needs some good strong men, who are handy with a weapon. There are those in Tyr who would assassinate rivals and rig the council elections. He tells them he will pay them of course, in addition to the sense righteousness that they will be helping to keep Tyr free from the the machinations of the nobles.

After a bit of discussion and negotiation, the group agrees to serve as Xalos body guards until the day after the election. Xalos the Stonecutter bids them to grab their belongings, their is no time to waste and he heads off down the street as the group scrambles to grab their gear.

They spend the day following Xalos around the Artisan District as he visits with it’s citizens and power brokers, making deals and promises in exchange for votes. He, it would seem was born to be a politician. That night Xalos and the his body guards head for the Caravan District where there is a meeting discussing the new electoral process and procedures. The warehouse is packed with people and Xalos tells the group that they can wait outside if they wish, since the meeting is under the protection of the Templar’s.

Outside the group is approached by a man who attempts to recruit them as miners for House Ianto’s salt mining operation. “Pay is one scale a day” the man tells them. Having previously had poor relations with House Ianto Red tells the man to “piss off!” The man heeds the warning a quickly heads down the empty lane, glancing backwards and keeping a wary eye on the group. The entire group quickly surmises that something is amiss (again) with the House Ianto salt mining operation. As the cost of salt per pound is so low that they could not possibly pay laborers a Scale each per day and make a profit. They guess that Ianto has probably secretly gone back in the slave business and is just using the promise of a high paying job to lure the unwary and desperate into leaving Tyr and their freedom behind.

After the meeting finishes up Xalos meets the group in the street and they head back to the Artisan District. Xalos seems to be in a good mood and is optimistic of his chances of being elected. As the group nears Xalos home and workshop D’ander spots movement on the roof above. An Tarek armed with a bow fires from his position as does another Tarek. From behind them and from side allies come the sounds of men running. D’ander shouts “Ambush” and the group breaks into a run towards Xalos’ home, but they are cut off by another group of armed men. D’ander and Giovanti the feral halflings stay close to the mul, protecting him. While the others wade into battle and Kelm the Hunter takes care of the Tareks on the roof tops. An elven witch casts several spells on the group causing them great trouble and Abraxus shatters his bone axe when he misses club wielding Tarek who is attempting to kill the Eladrin. Without an extra weapon Abraxus is on the defensive against the Tarek until the Eladrin throws him the metal spear he found at the Temple in the salt flats. The group manages to rout the attackers and Abraxus manages to capture one them, whom they quickly drag back to Xalos’s house for interrogation.



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