Sons of Tyranny

From Slaves to Marauders

In the morning the group meets with Kaldras and his band and discovers that his tribes witch is none other than the one who was working for the nobles during the assassination attempt on Xalos. Kaldras calms them down by pointing out that it was only business, and the nobles were paying good coin.

The group leaves Tyr and spends the next three days traveling to the ambush spot where they plan to attack the Argosy. The Elves keep to themselves during the trip and the group has an easy time reaching their destination.

Kaldras lays out the plan. Telling the group that the Argosy is guarded by three groups of outriders on Kanks. He and his elves will take out two of those groups while they take out the third. He tells them, that because they are slow, they can attack the trailing outriders. All they need to do is wait until the Argosy passes then set up and ambush on the road.

The groups split up and the PC’s wait for the Argosy to pass and set up an ambush. When the Kank riders come into range the group charges out and attacks. The group kills the guards and manages to capture three of the Kanks. Unfortunately Giovanti the halfling is stabbed through the eye by one of the kank riders, while at the same time being crushed in the mandibles of the Kank.

They bury him under a small pile of stones next to the bleached bones of a gnoll raider. Afterward the group heads to the rendezvous point with the elves to set up the ambush of the argosy.



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