Sons of Tyranny

Election Day pt. 2

Red springs into action and pushes his way through the panicked crowd and jumps onto the closest mekilot. Meanwhile the others notice some men and dwarves enter the square, their eyes keeping an a watchful eye as they head toward the election platform. Giovanti the halfing works his way through the crowd to intercept them, while Ben Dover the Eladrin Psion, uses his abilities to assault the groups leader.

Red quickly brings the first mekilot under control then rides it towards the second mekilot. When he is close enough he jumps onto the back of the second mekilot and brings it under control.

Giovanti, using the crowd as cover harries the nobles minions keeping them from their mission and quickly takes down three of the six men, while Ben takes care of their leader. One flees, the other, a Dwarf makes killing Giovanti his focus, and fail miserably at it. After being killed by Giovanti the dwarf rises as a ghost to haunt the square for ever more.

Ben notices that the city guards in charge of the election tokens have been stuffing a large bag with the tokens of the man backed by the nobles. He and Abraxus jump them and knock them to the ground.

When the Templars arrive the city guards are taken away to face the King’s punishment.

After a few more hours the election is over, the left over tokens are counted and Xalos is declared to be one of the two winners. As a special treat, he invites the group to the gladiator games being held by Tithian that night. The decide to go and see what the games are like from the other side of the arena. They spend the night drinking and feasting with Xalos.

While at the games, Red is approached by a man who introduces himself as Korsun of House Mareneth, a small but wealthy trading house in Tyr. He tells Red that he was in the square earlier in the day and witnessed his daring feat of jumping from one Mekilot to the other. “I am in need of courageous warriors such as yourself. I control the ancient city of Celik, they are ruins now, but it has a healthy spring and fertile fields. One day, with the help of men such as yourself the city will be reclaimed and we will turn it into the only truly free city that Athas has seen since the rise of the Sorcerer Kings.” Red declines his offer, suspecting the man might have an ulterior motive. A little later he speaks with Xalos and finds out that Korsun is what he says he is, and is recruiting all manner of people in order to re-establish the city of Celik.

After the group leaves the arena they decide to head home. When they pass through the Shadow Square a figure steps out of the shadows (what else would you expect). The man who approaches them is an elf named Kaldras. He is the chief of the Wildrunner’s clan. He tells them that he has heard of them from Shalar Balasan‘s Mekilot driver. “The man is drunk in the Red Kank on the other side of the square. Telling anyone who will listen about how earned extra coin to cover up the fact that Shalar ordered him to leave you in the desert to rot, rather than pay you. Also, the man claims that Shalar paid you only a pittance of what a real caravan guard would make, taking advantage of your ignorance or such matters because you are all ex-slaves” after a brief pause, Kaldras continues "seeing how you all have a bone to pick with Shalar, I have a proposition for you. As I’m sure you all know, we elves keep a close eye one the comings and going of caravans. My scouts have reported to me that an Argosy recently left Alturak, a House Ianto Argosy, loaded with slaves and goods. They have not yet received word that slavery is illegal in Tyr. Shalar dispatched a courier earlier today, but my men intercepted him and convinced him not to deliver his message, lest the Argosy turn and head for Urik instead. You help me assault the Argosy, we split the cargo and your free hundreds of slaves."

Red not trusting the elf Kaldras heads to the Red Kank and finds Shalar’s Mekilot driver, a man named Marut. He drags the poor man outside and interrogates him. He confirms Kaldras story about Shalar cheating them out of money and ordering Marut to leave them in the desert. Red decides to kill Shalar and heads for the Iron Square and Shalar’s residence. The rest of the group convince him to stay his anger, and get revenge on Shalar by raiding their Argosy and thereby insuring the House will fall into financial ruin.

The group casts in their lot with Kaldras and the Wildrunners and decide to head out first thing in the morning. They promise to meet Kaldras in The Warrens where his tribe is staying.



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