Sons of Tyranny

Back to the Salt Mines and Tyr

After looting the tomb and waiting until sunrise, the group emerges from the crypt. They find that the undead have returned to their graves, at least temporarily, and head out across the salt flat back toward the location of the salt mine. After a few hours they arrive back at the rock shelter that was being used as a base camp by the miners and find it deserted. After searching the shelter for signs of foul play, and then anything usable the group decides to head back to Tyr. They discover that the two Mekillot have left no tracks, indicating that they left before, or possibly during the sand storm that hit late yesterday evening as they were entering the tomb. It would seem that they were abandoned and left to die in the desert by House Ianto.

The group decides to spend the rest of the day in the area and foraging for enough food and water to make the three and half day return trip, and spend much of the rest of the day engaged in this task.

The next morning they set off early in the cool hours just before dawn and by mid-afternoon they have spotted several land marks indicating that they are near to the cut-off near the main road. Without much trouble the group finds the main road and head back towards Tyr. After three uneventful days they reach the gates of Tyr. After paying the King’s Levy of 2 bits each the group returns to their flop house in the Artisan district and as it is late in the evening the group gets some sleep.

The next day they decide to find a buyer for the scrolls they found in the tomb. After several hours of asking around they are directed to Melliot’s Scriptorium, an establishment not far from their quarters, and with a solid reputation for honesty. After meeting with Melliot the group decides to have the scrolls restored. Melliot tells the group that the scrolls are at least a thousand years old and in poor condition. It could take weeks to complete the restoration.



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